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I was contracted to lead a UX transformation of the legacy engine’s life tracking software. The process consisted of a redesign plus the introduction of a new user-centred working approach for the development delivery team.

Existing software, over years of piecemeal improvement without design guidance, had become incredibly hard to use. Both key business and user needs were poorly supported. Neither the majority of business stakeholders nor members of the delivery team were acquatined with the fundamentals of good UX and the importance of creating value for the software user.

I incrementally redesigned each of the software’s key business functions, including GUI as well as some of the processes behind them. I laid foundations for the GUI framework, and introduced user-centred design processes into the delivery team’s official product development and improvement workflows.

I chose a highly visual way of working while maximising connection and conversation between users, business stakeholders, and the development team.

I have witnessed and understood the power of carefully prepared and well executed design process within a large corporation. Such an approach has the power to drive not only technological change, but also reshape the way business delivers value to its customers.

UX Designer/Analyst