Supporting the search for a more sustainable future

Cohabitat Foundation
GUI design; build coordination; design of the online course app.
Dec 2016

I designed an app for online courses, plus GUI design and build co-ordination for the website.

Cohabitat is a charity seeking affordable, sustainable ways to address current housing needs. Established 10 years ago, it supports a community of makers exploring new ways of living in a cooperative and sustainable way.

The community’s knowledge has spread through peer learning, often conducted online. This meant ensuring that the Cohabitat website could serve as a platform for resources and communication, with room to expand as the community grows.

I designed the structure of the website, developed the graphical interface, and coordinated the build of it with a team of developers.

As a result of this work, Cohabitat is able to maintain an online presence serving thousands of people in Poland and overseas – a vital digital support as we develop real-world housing solutions for a sustainable age.

Online platform