Monika Flakowska


I’m a designer and strategist passionate about outstanding user experience, with a strong focus on the visual and interaction aspect of user-centred design.

I’ve held senior designer roles across public and non-profit organisations, incorporating UX and design for both print and new media. Each role has offered the opportunity for me to challenge preconceptions, push beyond expectations, and go further in my understanding of users’ wants and needs.

My inspiration comes from every aspect of life. I love talking with people and hearing their stories; a story is a way of navigating through life, and the ability to listen empathetically underpins the best interactive design work.

I’m also an outdoor enthusiast, a wanderer and explorer with a deep love of nature. The landscapes, challenges, unexpected encounters, and various forms of beauty which characterise the natural environment also inform my approach to compelling, accessible, and socially responsible design.